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It must be a fact of kpop that if you see an idol and you think “omg what a cute lil baby!” then he’s 25 years old and if you think “holy fuck he’s hot as fuck what the fuck” then he’s probably 17.

"This is what’s ridiculous. People who suffer from cancer, severed limbs, or blindness receive sympathy from others, but people suffering from mental illnesses are viewed as outcasts by everyone. Everyone’s prone to a mental breakdown if they suffer a traumatic experience. We all just act like that would never happen to us.”

(Source: hyerims)

Thoughts of a Kpop fan

I just gotta get this off my chest.

I feel like I owe my bias(Jaejoong) so much. Like he has given me so much, and he doesn’t even know he has.

Okay from the start. I was this just-hitting-puberty girl and was looking up hot soccer players on Google. I came across a picture of five people that I’ve never seen before. But they looked fiiiiiine! It was a name on the pic so I searched it on YouTube:


I pushed play on the MV. I didn’t know that my life would change completely from that click.
So I kinda fell for Jaejoong, like really hard.
First thing I noticed was that this is the most beautiful human being I’ve ever seen.

Five years later I know that he’s not only georgeous but



awesome actor

the best male singer ever
the half of a perfect ship

hot as hell!


great dancer

more idiotic

and that he’s not georgeous but Godly beautiful

It feels like after so many years, we’ve gone through a lot together. Even though he doesn’t know it I was there for him through the whole “slave-contract”-thing and trying to help all I could. Which was difficult from the other side of the planet. But I tried.
I feel like some people don’t understand just how much our bias means to us. Like it’s another level of idol.
And yes I have a lot of biases. But Jaejoong is like the bias of all biases. You know what I mean? I mean I had a mp3 complication of his laughter to listen to when I was down.
And when I see him I think "waow, this guy has no idea that he basically saved my life. Being through depression and shit, He helped me. And he doesn’t even know it." And I just don’t know how to thank him.
I just wanna give him a big, giant, fat Thank U!
Thank you for being you. For teaching me so much. That after every storm comes a rainbow. I almost feel guilty to give you everything that I have just because you … you saved my life. By being yourself. I feel a calming sensation when I hear your voice and half of the time I can’t even understand what you’re saying!

And I don’t feel embarrassed when I say this, I really love you.
And again, Thank you so much!

I just needed to get this of my chest!
If whoever reads this thinks I’m crazy, You obviously don’t have a bias. A bias of all biases that is.